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We are proud to be the exclusive US importer of renowned Swiss-designed Reisport gymnastics grips.

Founded in 1962, the Reisport legacy began in Reinach, Switzerland where Hans Mueller handcrafted premium leather footballs (soccer balls to those of us in the US). In time, his enthusiasm for sports led to the manufacturing of leather ski equipment components such as ski pole baskets and straps.

The next generation of Muellers focused on gymnastics, and the world’s top grips were born. Tried, tested, and advanced by the Swiss National Team, Reisport grips are trusted by the experts – and Olympians worldwide.

Swiss Protec technology has set a new industry standard for strength when it counts, giving competitive gymnasts the confidence to perform the most rigorous routines. For durable gymnastics grips for the uneven bar, rings, and high bar, Reisport offers Swiss-made premium leather grips with a global legacy.

Experience Reisport. #1 Gymnastics grip worldwide.

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